Terms and Conditions


Faxerthal.com is currently only serving USA and Canada (North America)
ie: +1 xxx yyy-zzzz numbers. The rest of civilization has stopped using fax.

Undelivered faxes do not count towards your page total.

Free Accounts:

Paid Accounts:

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

There is a no hassle cancel function by simply picking the "Free" plan under the ⚙ account menu options. This removes your payment method (credit card) from our systems, and releases any phone numbers (if you had one).

If you are not satisfied and think you should get a refund for our services, we will refund quickly and without a hassle if requested within 45 days of the original charge. Please contact us at support@ or call +1 (423) 633-1777 or contact via USPS at:

1028 Signal Mtn Blvd, Suite 104
Chattanooga TN USA 37415

Limit of liability

Faxerthal.com liability is limited to the re-imbursement of 1 months paid services.


Faxerthal.com makes every attempt practical to protect your privacy and security. That being said, sending documents via the internet, email and 3rd party web servers (like this one) without end to end encryption is inherently a risk.

Faxerthal.com will not sell or share your account (email address, etc..), usage information or document contents with any other entity not involved in the fax transmit/receive process.

Incoming faxes to our shared free account fax number are not reviewed and are immediately deleted. There might be an attempt at some point to match them with the sender, but probably not.

Faxerthal staff does not have access to sent or received faxes, but can review sent and received log reports and error messages.