Faxerthal scratches multiple itches, including creating a modern re-usable web framework that solves all the common problems well: including a reasonably mobile first / responsive design. Sign up, authentication, login, basic account management and payment methods. Encrypted cookies, and other methods of authentication, GeoIP checks, SQL functions, binary upload/downloads, AWS S3 API integration.. You name it, it's in

Essentially, all the things an "app" needs, written from scratch using "LAMP". And while I have done faxing with T38 software modems and such, this site uses Telnyx as a back end to make it easy for us and leverage a world class telecommunications company with excellent API's.

In many ways, is the stupidist project I've ever done, building a thing for a (hopefully) dying technology that I hate? In other ways it's the most technologically elegant project I've ever done in a long time.

As the "Glass22" framework gets tuned up, I'll post it on as a FOSS project. Maybe even before it becomes "Glass23".