Fax Myths


There is nothing secure about fax. Even from an analog 1970's fax machine to another 1970's fax machine over what you assume are analog lines on each end, is now (2020's) converted and transported over digital systems without end to end encryption. Arcane? Certainly. Secure? Not inherently. The biggest liability is the pile of papers (or incoming digital systems, emails, etc.. ) and humans involved on the other end. Yet facsimile/fax is commonly used for very private health and financial information.


There is nothing magically HIPAA compliant about fax. Nada. See above. Humans and systems on each end may handle faxes (usually digitized) in compliance with HIPAA guidelines. Faxerthal.com attempts to handle your documents as securely as possible and provides control over permanent deletion of them from our systems.

Myth: A samurai could have faxed Abraham Lincoln:

Factoid:: Early fax technology was mostly used for sending illustrations and photographs for newspaper uses across the country by radio. Actual text was sent using morse code signalling across the same or adjacent radio frequencies. As long distance telegraph lines became more common, the technology was modified to work on telegraph, and then phone lines.