A faxerthal is an anachronistic species of human or company that was common worldwide in the 1970's 1980's and 1990's. Faxerthals utilized an analog phone line and a facsimile machine. Faxerthals were common business people, corporations, governments and advanced consumers before the common use of the internet, e-mail and various portable document formats like PDF (Portable Document Format). RTF (Rich Text Format), PS (PostScript) and TIF (Tagged Image File Format).

Circa 2022, faxerthals are remnants of the golden age of facsimile that require modern technically capable humans to use fax machines to send or receive low quality scans of documents very slowly using unreliable arcane analog technology.

In the internet age, fax/facsimile is used as a barrier to effective communication by government agencies, health care and insurance providers.

Faxerthal.com exists to enable communications with faxerthals using their "required" ancient arcane protocol. It might also collect a few coins of the realm for it's service.