Mission Statement:

Enable modern humans to communicate with faxerthals.

Faxerthal.com was created after experiencing many horror stories of modern normal people that needed to send 1 or more faxes while dealing with government agencies or health care entities that live in the 1970's (or before) easily for free. One of them is the son of the founding geek..


Faxerthal.com is a 99.99 percent automated system. If you have questions, or need assistance, support@faxerthal.com and +1 (314) 818-1988 might get answered and provide assistance.


Mike Harrison - Technology

Umpteen mumble mumble years of experience building technology companies and programming.

Lives in Chattanooga TN with Nancy and not more than 2 cats.

Ryan Harrison - Marketing

If it's fast, has wheels or blows up Ryan's been involved somehow.

At some point Ryan needed to fax documents to faxerthals and this idea was hatched.

Faxerthal.com is a Cybrmall project. If curious, check out the Tech ramble.